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Masks: Layer vs. Clipping

Advanced,Tutorial 17 February 2010 1 Comment

A Layer Mask is a one-to-one masking technique, i.e. a single mask is applied to a single layer. A clipping mask is more a one-to-many type method, as it can effect multiple layers at the same time. This tutorial explains and compares both.

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Nonlinear Curves

Advanced,Tutorial 13 February 2010 1 Comment

The single bend and double bend curves are most commonly used during post-processing, but these are not the only options. Curves can have a large number of set points, bends, and inflections. More on nonlinear curve adjustments and how they affect histograms is here. Nonlinear Curve Adjustments and Histograms Nonlinear Curve Adjustments and Histograms

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Split Toning

Advanced,Tutorial 10 February 2010 Comments Off

Split Toning effect comes from the days of film and it involves tinting the highlights in a black and white image one color and the shadows another color. The best results are where you use opposite colors for each, such as yellow and blue, green and magenta and so on.

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Fake HDR

Advanced,Tutorial 3 February 2010 Comments Off

If the sky is much brighter than the land, it makes a real problem, especially when you’re taking photos of sunsets. The sky is so bright that if you expose for sky, anything on land goes black. If you expose for the land, the sky is washed out and you lose the beautiful sunset that […]

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Vanishing Point

Advanced,Video lesson 24 January 2010 Comments Off

Vanishing poing is a cool and powerful filter in Photoshop that allows you to paint/clone/paste something to your photo fitting its perspective. For example you can place a logo on a side of the truck and it will look natural. photo credit: Caitlin House

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Photoshop Masks Explained

Advanced,Tutorial 23 January 2010 Comments Off

Photoshop Masks preserve important pixel data and allow non-destructive editing techniques. There are five methods of masking in Photoshop: Quick Masks, Pixel Masks, Vector Masks, Clipping Masks and Clipping Paths. Learn which method to use to achieve clean, flexible and properly masked layers. photo credit: Juliana Coutinho

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Evil Look Portrait

Advanced,Tutorial 18 January 2010 Comments Off

Learn how to transform an ordinary photo portrait into a dark and evil look image using Adobe Photoshop.

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