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Fix Overexposed Image

Easy,Tutorial 22 February 2010 Comments Off

A duplicate a layer and the Multiply blend mode is a good way to heal an overexposed image. This tutorial explains how to fix the problem even further by using a High Pass filter.

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Create Action

Easy,Tutorial 21 February 2010 Comments Off

An action is a recording of several Photoshop operations and commands that can be used over and over again on different photos. It is meant to save you time. This tutorial will teach you how to create and record your own action for applying a vintage look to your image.

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Built-in Filters

Easy,Tutorial 20 February 2010 Comments Off

Filters are used to change the appearance of an image, layer or selection in Photoshop. Key filters are Lens Blur Filter, Noise Filters, Sharpen Filters and some other that you find in the Filters Gallery.

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Easy,Tutorial 19 February 2010 1 Comment

A great feature of digital photography is the ability to convert color images to black-and-white. It is the quickest way to convert to monochrome but you still are able to make ajustments. photo credit: Hvnly

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Retouch and Healing Tools

Easy,Tutorial 18 February 2010 Comments Off

The Spot Healing Brush is manly used to quickly remove blemishes, imperfections or other unwanted elements from an image. Instead of automatically trying to determine the lighting, shading, and texture from the surrounding area, the healing brush tool lets you manually select a source, and then paint over an imperfection. With the Patch Tool, an […]

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Reduce Noise

Easy,Tutorial 16 February 2010 1 Comment

In low light shooting situations you can shoot with a higher ISO but it presents a problem – camera noise and texture. There are many ways of reducing camera noise using Photoshop and this tutorial is just one method for color noise reduction.

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Blend Modes

Easy,Tutorial 15 February 2010 Comments Off

Layer blend modes provide different ways for a layer to interact with, or “blend” with, the layer or layers below it. Multiply, Screen, Overlay, Color, and Luminosity are most important blending modes used in photo editing. See these two tutorials: http://www.myinkblog.com/2009/07/14/an-explanation-of-photoshop-blend-modes/ and http://www.photoshopessentials.com/photo-editing/layer-blend-modes/

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Opacity vs. Fill

Easy,Tutorial 12 February 2010 Comments Off

Opacity acts on the layer – the contents and the effects – while Fill acts only on the contents and leaves the effects alone. More explaination is here. photo credit: Lucas Schuch

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Soft Focus

Easy,Tutorial 7 February 2010 Comments Off

Soft Focus effect is commonly used in glamour shots and to some extent in wedding photography. There are special lenses you can use to create the soft focus effect using your cameras. If this option is unavailable you can easily mimic this effect inside Photoshop.

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Selective Fixes

Easy,Tutorial 6 February 2010 Comments Off

Sometimes a photo needs its tonal range fixed but some areas of the image may not need the same fix as others. This tutorial shows how to limit the fix to a selected portion of an image using a mask.

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