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Film Effect

Easy,Tutorial 6 June 2010 Comments Off

This tutorial shows how to have photos look as if they were taken with a film camera and no UV filter and then scanned. You will apply color adjustments using the Curves tool, change the Blend mode, add a Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer.

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Change Hair Color

Easy,Tutorial 4 June 2010 2 Comments

Learn how to change the hair color and create glossie lips. You will use the Quick Mask, the Color Balance, Layer Blend mode “Soft Light”, the Dodge tool in the range set to “HighLights”.

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Make Younger

Easy,Tutorial 3 June 2010 Comments Off

If you want to make yourself or your model look 10 years younger, use Photoshop. Correct eye bags and wrinkles with Patch Tool, Healing Touch and Cloning Stamp Tool.

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Dramatic Sky

Easy,Video lesson 2 June 2010 Comments Off

This video will teach you how to add drame to the sky on your photo. Actually you will make the sky look more intense. First you need to select the sky with a Quick selection tool. Then change the blend mode to Multiply. You increase the contrast using the Curves and add some vignetting.

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Overexposed Photo Fix

Easy,Video lesson 1 June 2010 1 Comment

Overexposure is when your image has too much light affecting the highlights and some midtones. You can use Levels: move the sliders so that they are below the black area of the histogram. Alternatively you can use Shadow and Highlights tool in Photoshop. Click on Show more option.

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Skin Cleaning

Easy,Tutorial 30 May 2010 Comments Off

This simple tutorial explains how to remove skin imperfections in your images, using Healing brush, Clone stam tool and Blur filter.

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Dreamy Protrait Effect

Easy,Tutorial 26 May 2010 Comments Off

This is a dreamy effect tutorial. First set Black and White point in the curves adjustment layer. Then edit Hue/Saturation. Duplicate the layer and use Gaussian Blur. Change the blending mode to Screen with 40 % opacity…

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Split Toning

Easy,Tutorial 25 May 2010 Comments Off

The dramatic Split Toning effect can be an ideal alternative to black and white. Split toning creates a multicolor toning effect where the shadows and highlights are of two different colors. It works well with portraits and not so well with landscapes. First convert the image to black and white by adding a Black & […]

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Fake Miniature

Easy,Video lesson 22 May 2010 Comments Off

For Tilt shift focus effect you need a photo taken from a distance with a panoramic view with a wide area and many details. Copy your image and add a Layer Mask. Then use Reflective Gradient Tool. Apply Lens Blur filter. Then you can play with the mask and change the length of the Gradient. […]

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How to Reduce Noise

Easy,Tutorial 18 May 2010 1 Comment

Learn how to reduce luminance noise, color noise and jpeg artifacts, using the Reduce Noise filter in Photoshop. Note that you cannot clean the noise image completely, at least not without removing most of the detail in the image along with it.

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