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Colored Hair

Easy,Tutorial 22 January 2010 1 Comment

If you want to color your model’s hair and make it shine, here is the tutorial for you. photo credit: kevindooley

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How to Whiten Teeth

Easy,Tutorial 21 January 2010 Comments Off

Easy photoshop tutorial that demonstrates how to whiten teeth in photographs. First you need to select the teeth area with a magic wand tool and then reduce saturation. photo credit: Sukanto Debnath

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Selective Desaturation

Easy,Tutorial 20 January 2010 Comments Off

Your photo gets greater attention if you highlight some object with one color leaving all the rest image in grayscale. This method does not require masking out the areas that you want to leave desatureated. You simply apply one adjustment layer to the entire image and it will take care of the whole effect. photo […]

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How to Add Space in Photo

Easy,Tutorial 19 January 2010 Comments Off

Your studio may not be as big as you need for a portrait. In this case you need to add more space, i.e. enlarge the background. It is quite simple to do in Photoshop if it is of white or dark color like in this tutorial. photo credit: Bombardier

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Evil Look Portrait

Advanced,Tutorial 18 January 2010 Comments Off

Learn how to transform an ordinary photo portrait into a dark and evil look image using Adobe Photoshop.

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How to Smoothen Skin

Easy,Tutorial 16 January 2010 1 Comment

Why do all models in glossy magazines have such flawless skin? Learn how you can remove skin imperfections by using Photoshop.

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Polaroid Effect Collage

Easy,Tutorial 15 January 2010 Comments Off

Create a collage – something entirely new and unique from the original elements used. Although there are specialized software packages that help making a collage easier, you can still use Photoshop. Learn how to achieve an effect that shows your photos as if they were taken using a Polaroid camera. http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/how-to-make-a-cool-collage-using-photoshop photo credit: Michael (mx5tx)

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