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Puppet Warp

Easy,Tutorial 14 July 2010 Comments Off

Photoshop CS5′s new Puppet Warp tool can be extremely useful if you need to make minor adjustments to your photos. It is easy to move an arm or in this case a flower. It is especially effective with moving lines.

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Easy Vignette

Easy,Tutorial 13 July 2010 Comments Off

Vignetting can greatly enhance portraits with solid color backgrounds. Here is a very quick way to add vignetting. After you are done with editing your image, go to the Lens Correction filter. Play with sliders to change the effect as you like. This filter is actually great for removing vignetting and wide angle distortion of […]

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Old Photo Effect

Easy,Tutorial 12 July 2010 Comments Off

You will learn how to apply an old photo effect to your image. You will use the B&W Gradient Map with a Soft Light blending mode.

Lens Flare Effect

Easy,Tutorial 9 July 2010 Comments Off

This tutorial shows how to make the subject (model) is more focused. You will use the Gaussian blur filter, Curves, Selective color, also blend mode as Screen. Then apply a Lens Flare filter.

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Easy Fake HDR

Advanced,Tutorial 5 July 2010 Comments Off

This tutorial shows quite easy way to fake HDR photos in Photoshop. There is no need to shoot into RAW or take multiple photos – one JPEG file is enough. You will change Highlights and use the Color Dodge and Linear Burn blending modes. You will also use layer masks and Gaussian blur filter and […]

Remove Dark Circles

Easy,Tutorial 30 June 2010 Comments Off

See this tutorial to learn how to do under-eye cleanup so that it looks natural in your portrait. The Clone Stamp tool is not delicate enough for this job. You will use the Patch Tool instead. You may need some Clone Stamp tuning after that.

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Change Eye Color

Easy,Tutorial 28 June 2010 Comments Off

If you want to change the eye color in your photos, here is a simple tutorial. You will use the Quick Mask to mark the area which color you need to change. Then you Inverse the selection and apply Color Balance. If the iris color is too bright, use Hue/Saturation to decrease the brightness intensity […]

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Face Makeover

Advanced,Tutorial 25 June 2010 Comments Off

This tutorial shows how to make a simple and quick ‘makeover’ in Photoshop. To Smoothen Skin tone & Texture apply the FILTER/Noise/Median… filter with a Layer Mask. For Changing & Brightening the Iris Color New Layer use a hard brush and set the blend mode to Hue/Soft Light/Overlay. For Eye whitening select the white of […]

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Increase Breast

Easy,Tutorial 24 June 2010 Comments Off

After reading this tutorial you will be able to increase your model’s breast size. You wil use the Bloat tool in the Liquify filter.

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Skin Warmth

Easy,Tutorial 23 June 2010 Comments Off

This is a fast method to add a healthy tan or warmth to a face. You need to use a hue/saturation adjustment layer. Then select edit YELOW and increase the saturation. To give a warmer tone decrease the hue so it turns to reds and increase just a little lightness.

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