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Facial Retouching

Easy,Tutorial 18 April 2010 2 Comments

In this tutorial you will learn how to smooth out a person’s face. First you add a new Layer and apply  Gaussian Blur. Then an Adjustment Layer with Curves which give more control over Levels. A Healing Brush Tool helps to mask skin imperfections of the model.

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Selective Sepia

Advanced,Tutorial 16 April 2010 1 Comment

Photoshop allows you to selectively add a dramatic sepia effect to a photo.  You will use a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer, then apply the layer mask and a Black & White adjustment layer.

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Skin Retouching

Easy,Tutorial 13 April 2010 1 Comment

This tutorial explains how to remove pimples and make the face skin of your portrait smoother. You will learn ‘Smart blur’ filter to achieve a blur effect; ‘heal tool’ for removing dark spots, unwanted hair; Mask option, which allows you to work only on skin area. You will also add some noise by using the […]

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Repair an Old Photo

Advanced,Tutorial 11 April 2010 1 Comment

There are many alternative ways to complete a photograph restoration. This tutorial teaches how to repair cracks, scratches, and spots on an old photograph. It is not about quick fix tools such as the healing brush. You will apply Levels Adjustment Layer, Lighten the Dark Areas, add Grain, correct the Uneven Background.

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Make Younger

Easy,Tutorial 4 April 2010 1 Comment

This tutorial shows how to make the old people look younger. First you need to clean the face by using Spot Healing Brush and Healing Brush tools. Then add Gaussian blur effect with a Layer Mask. Then add some lipstick, Blend Mode needs to be ajusted here. You may want to change color of the […]

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Beauty Retouch

Easy,Tutorial 2 April 2010 1 Comment

This tutorial shows how to enhance the skin and hair of a girl portrait with filter effects, blending modes and adding a lighting effect. You fist select a Color Range (face and skin) and apply the Gaussian Blur filter. Then apply Unsharp Mask filter to emphasize her face’s edges. And finally use the Lighting Effects […]

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Prepare for Web

Easy,Tutorial 30 March 2010 Comments Off

This tutorial explains a step-by-step workflow of preparing your photos for publishing on the web. You will need to resize your image, paying attention to its proportions; sharpen it by using the Unsharp Mask filter and finally Save for Web & Devices. Note that your photo must be saved in RGB color space (a standard […]

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Dark Photo Fixing

Easy,Tutorial 29 March 2010 Comments Off

If curves and levels seem too complicated for you at this moment and you have a really dark image that you need to fix, there is an easy way to adjust the lightness in your underexposed photo. It is not a panacea though and other means may be used too. This method is based on […]

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Easy,Tutorial 28 March 2010 Comments Off

A silhouette is a drawing of the outline of an object, filled in with some solid color. A silhouette may be cast in dark colors or it may be just an outline sans any other feature. Silhouettes find a lot of uses in presentations and displays. Learn how to convert a photograph into a silhouette.

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Aspect Ratio & Cropping

Easy,Tutorial 26 March 2010 Comments Off

As you know there is a tool for cropping photos in Photoshop, named the Crop Tool. You can easily crop your images to common photo sizes like 4×6, 5×7 or 8×10 by entering the width and height values into the Options Bar or by selecting a preset crop size from the Preset picker. When you […]

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