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Extract Filter

Advanced,Video lesson 7 March 2010 Comments Off

Sometimes you need to remove an object from the background in your image. There are plenty of ways how this can be done in Photoshop. Here you will learn the Extract Filter as it is often the easiest and quickest option.

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Patch Tool

Easy,Video lesson 4 March 2010 Comments Off

This is a video tutorial on Photoshop Patch tool and how it can be used to remove unwanted bags under your model’s eyes or editing your nature photos (like removing unwanted clouds in the sky).

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Curves in Photoshop

Easy,Video lesson 5 February 2010 Comments Off

These video tutorials are fairly comprehensive for the grayscale and combined RGB channels, covering the basics of contrast and brightness adjustments and also color channel curve adjustments.

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Vanishing Point

Advanced,Video lesson 24 January 2010 Comments Off

Vanishing poing is a cool and powerful filter in Photoshop that allows you to paint/clone/paste something to your photo fitting its perspective. For example you can place a logo on a side of the truck and it will look natural. photo credit: Caitlin House

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Erase with Clone Stamp

Easy,Video lesson 17 January 2010 Comments Off

Clone stamp helps quickly erasing blemishes and wrinkles on your model’s faces as well as the annoying person who somehow made it in to your photo. http://www.sanweng.com/using-clone-stamp-on-photoshop/

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