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Post Processing

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Post Processing

  • Take RAW Photos
    It gives more flexibility in post processing your photos, i.e. it gives 1 more stop of exposure that you can adjust. In Camera Raw you can change virtually all characteristics of the image ranging from brightness/contrast & colour alterations to vignetting and sharpness.
  • Sharpening using the High Pass filter
    Duplicate this layer and then run the high pass filter. To achieve the optimum sharpness, move the slider so that the edges of the image are starting to come through the gray, in this case 1% seems to work well. Set the layer mode to overlay. This enhances the edges of the image and makes the photo look sharper.
  • Remove Artifacts using the clone stamp tool
    The clone stamp tool is useful to remove unwanted elements in a photo. This could be anything from facial blemishes in a portrait photo, to unwanted elements in a landscape scene.
  • Soften a photo’s background using gaussian blur.
    Duplicate the layer and select filter > blur > gaussian blur. Next, add a layer mask to this blurred layer and then proceed to hide the blurred layer where the owl is in focus. Use a brush with 100% opacity for the centre of the owl and then use a lower opacity for the extremes where the owl and the background meet.

Read more and see examples here.

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