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Skin Retouching

Easy,Tutorial 2 January 2011 Comments Off

This tutorial shows how to use the Gaussian Blur with a layer mask for smoothing the skin, it is important to get the balance right between the Radius and the Threshold slider settings. They you will appy the Dust & Scratches filter to eliminate minor imperfections in the skin…

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Skin Retouching

Easy,Tutorial 13 April 2010 1 Comment

This tutorial explains how to remove pimples and make the face skin of your portrait smoother. You will learn ‘Smart blur’ filter to achieve a blur effect; ‘heal tool’ for removing dark spots, unwanted hair; Mask option, which allows you to work only on skin area. You will also add some noise by using the […]

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Repair an Old Photo

Advanced,Tutorial 11 April 2010 1 Comment

There are many alternative ways to complete a photograph restoration. This tutorial teaches how to repair cracks, scratches, and spots on an old photograph. It is not about quick fix tools such as the healing brush. You will apply Levels Adjustment Layer, Lighten the Dark Areas, add Grain, correct the Uneven Background.

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Liquify Filter

Easy,Tutorial 23 February 2010 1 Comment

In this tutorial can learn how to use the Liquify Filter in Photoshop. This filter helps retouching your photos and also lets you have a little fun (photo joke). Also you will learn how to do some makeup of the model.

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Fix Overexposed Image

Easy,Tutorial 22 February 2010 Comments Off

A duplicate a layer and the Multiply blend mode is a good way to heal an overexposed image. This tutorial explains how to fix the problem even further by using a High Pass filter.

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Built-in Filters

Easy,Tutorial 20 February 2010 Comments Off

Filters are used to change the appearance of an image, layer or selection in Photoshop. Key filters are Lens Blur Filter, Noise Filters, Sharpen Filters and some other that you find in the Filters Gallery.

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Add a Beard

Easy,Tutorial 27 January 2010 Comments Off

This Photoshop tutorial you will teach you how to add a beard to a face using filters Noise and Blur. photo credit: Hairy Jacques

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