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Dreamy Protrait Effect

Easy,Tutorial 26 May 2010 Comments Off

This is a dreamy effect tutorial. First set Black and White point in the curves adjustment layer. Then edit Hue/Saturation. Duplicate the layer and use Gaussian Blur. Change the blending mode to Screen with 40 % opacity…

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Remove Color Cast

Easy,Tutorial 23 April 2010 3 Comments

This tutorial shows how to quickly clean up a bad color cast in Photoshop. It may happen in a mixed-light situation or due to wrong color temperature. You use a Levels Adjustment Layer, then work on the three different color Channels.

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Understanding Layers

Easy,Video lesson 1 April 2010 1 Comment

Layers is the fundamental tool of photo editing in Photoshop. You can add new layers and work on them which allows non-destructive editing because you can always turn off the layer later.

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HDR Tone Mapping

Advanced,Tutorial 24 February 2010 1 Comment

This tutorial shows how to create natural looking HDR tone mapped images in Photoshop with editable layers. You will learn to creates an image similar to the middle exposure except it just has more dynamic range. It improves the quality of your image without making it look like it was HDR tone mapped.

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