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Local Contrast

Easy,Tutorial 6 November 2010 Comments Off

This tutorial shows how to increases visible detail and edge contrast without increasing the overall image contrast. You will use the Unsharp Mask filter on a new layer with a hand painted Layer Mask…

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Photo Manipulation

Easy,Tutorial 9 October 2010 Comments Off

The tutorial shows how to convert an ordinary photo into some gritty image. You will use Curves, Levels, a new layer with a Multiply Blending Mode. You can add a border with a special Brush… Gritty

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Three Touch Ups

Easy,Tutorial 14 August 2010 2 Comments

This easy tutorial will show how to remove Moles & Other Blemishes in Photoshop CS5 amazing new feature Content-aware; fix overshadowed areas of your image by using Levels and Brightness/Contrast and fix discoloring with Color Replacement Tool.

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Vintage Lomo Effect

Advanced,Tutorial 17 June 2010 Comments Off

The lomo effect in this tutorial mimics the funky retro-looking colors, high contrast, and strong vignette of lomo cameras. First you add a Levels Adjustment layer and choose the Red channel. Then increase the contrast. To get the colors back, adjust the Green channel as well. Then add a vignette and change the blending mode […]

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Remove Haze Look

Easy,Tutorial 7 June 2010 2 Comments

This tutorial shows how to remove a hazy look from your travel photos. Photoshop can clean up your landscape images and remove the blue tint from the atmosphere seen most during over long distances at mid day. Use Levels tool and work on only one color channel at a time. Then increase the Brightness and […]

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Overexposed Photo Fix

Easy,Video lesson 1 June 2010 1 Comment

Overexposure is when your image has too much light affecting the highlights and some midtones. You can use Levels: move the sliders so that they are below the black area of the histogram. Alternatively you can use Shadow and Highlights tool in Photoshop. Click on Show more option.

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Remove Color Cast

Easy,Tutorial 23 April 2010 3 Comments

This tutorial shows how to quickly clean up a bad color cast in Photoshop. It may happen in a mixed-light situation or due to wrong color temperature. You use a Levels Adjustment Layer, then work on the three different color Channels.

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Lighten Dark Photos

Easy,Tutorial 9 March 2010 Comments Off

Learn how to lighten dark photos in Photoshop using a few different methods like Screen Blend mode, Levels, Shadow/Highlight and Brightness/Contrast.

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