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Overexposed Photo Fix

Easy,Tutorial 30 July 2010 Comments Off

If you have an overexposed photo, the easiest way to fix it is to use Shadow/Highlight. You can also create a new Layer and change the Blending mode to  Multiply. This will darken the photo uniformly. You can repeat this until you are happy with the results.

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Vintage Lomo Effect

Advanced,Tutorial 17 June 2010 Comments Off

The lomo effect in this tutorial mimics the funky retro-looking colors, high contrast, and strong vignette of lomo cameras. First you add a Levels Adjustment layer and choose the Red channel. Then increase the contrast. To get the colors back, adjust the Green channel as well. Then add a vignette and change the blending mode […]

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Human Statue Effect

Advanced,Tutorial 12 June 2010 Comments Off

Want to apply a Stone Cursed person effect in Photoshop? You will need to desaturate a dublicate layer, then use the Pen Tool, add a downloaded Concrete texture, then Inverse the texture with a Multiply Blend mode on the layer.

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Dramatic Sky

Easy,Video lesson 2 June 2010 Comments Off

This video will teach you how to add drame to the sky on your photo. Actually you will make the sky look more intense. First you need to select the sky with a Quick selection tool. Then change the blend mode to Multiply. You increase the contrast using the Curves and add some vignetting.

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Fix Overexposed Image

Easy,Tutorial 22 February 2010 Comments Off

A duplicate a layer and the Multiply blend mode is a good way to heal an overexposed image. This tutorial explains how to fix the problem even further by using a High Pass filter.

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