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Reduce Wrinkles

Easy,Tutorial 23 July 2010 Comments Off

This tutorial teaches the Healing Brush tool in Photoshop and how it helps reducing wrinkles in a facial portrait. Don’t try to completely remove wrinkles, it’s one of retouching mistakes. Once you are done with a new layer and healing brush editing, lower the Opacity of the layer…

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Face Makeover

Advanced,Tutorial 25 June 2010 Comments Off

This tutorial shows how to make a simple and quick ‘makeover’ in Photoshop. To Smoothen Skin tone & Texture apply the FILTER/Noise/Median… filter with a Layer Mask. For Changing & Brightening the Iris Color New Layer use a hard brush and set the blend mode to Hue/Soft Light/Overlay. For Eye whitening select the white of […]

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Portrait Editting

Advanced,Tutorial 24 May 2010 1 Comment

This tutorial shos how to slim the model’s face down and apply some make-up (improving the smoothness of her skin and correct her eyebrows). First you will use the ”Liquidify” tool (filter>liquify). To remove black and irregular spots on her face apply the “Clone Stamp Tool”. The brush size will depend on the spot we […]

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Grainy Effect

Easy,Tutorial 22 April 2010 1 Comment

Black and white photography allows you to create images with intense grain or noise that gives your photo a dark, gritty, and highly texturized effect. Here is a completely reversible way to add authentic-looking grain to your B&W photographs. It is advisable to add this effect in the end of your Photoshop editing process. You will […]

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Color Old Photos

Easy,Tutorial 21 March 2010 Comments Off

Here is a rather simple way how you can add color (or change colors) in any photograph, even old black and white. You will use Layer masks, Opasity, Blend mode and of course Hue/Saturation.

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Opacity vs. Fill

Easy,Tutorial 12 February 2010 Comments Off

Opacity acts on the layer – the contents and the effects – while Fill acts only on the contents and leaves the effects alone. More explaination is here. photo credit: Lucas Schuch

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Soft Focus

Easy,Tutorial 7 February 2010 Comments Off

Soft Focus effect is commonly used in glamour shots and to some extent in wedding photography. There are special lenses you can use to create the soft focus effect using your cameras. If this option is unavailable you can easily mimic this effect inside Photoshop.

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Selective Fixes

Easy,Tutorial 6 February 2010 Comments Off

Sometimes a photo needs its tonal range fixed but some areas of the image may not need the same fix as others. This tutorial shows how to limit the fix to a selected portion of an image using a mask.

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Change Eye Color

Easy,Tutorial 1 February 2010 Comments Off

If you may want to change or enhance the color of your model’s eyes, it can be easily done inside Photoshop CS3 and CS4. This technique can also be used for elements other than eyes. You will add an Hue/Saturation adjustment layer, make adjustments and apply layer mask. photo credit: Vít Hassan

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