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Remove Objects

Advanced,Tutorial 18 October 2010 Comments Off

This tutorial shows how to eliminate objects from a photo using cloning, spot healing brush and patch tool in photoshop. For instance just select the area you do not want with the patch tool and then drag it to an area of similar texture…

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Remove Dark Circles

Easy,Tutorial 30 June 2010 Comments Off

See this tutorial to learn how to do under-eye cleanup so that it looks natural in your portrait. The Clone Stamp tool is not delicate enough for this job. You will use the Patch Tool instead. You may need some Clone Stamp tuning after that.

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Make Younger

Easy,Tutorial 3 June 2010 Comments Off

If you want to make yourself or your model look 10 years younger, use Photoshop. Correct eye bags and wrinkles with Patch Tool, Healing Touch and Cloning Stamp Tool.

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Spot Healing Brush vs. Patch Tool

Easy,Video lesson 3 April 2010 1 Comment

Patch Tool is similar to Clone Stamp Tool, but smarter. Patch Tool replaces pixels on the image with something else, it is useful for working on larger areas. Spot Healing Brush is very conviniet for eliminating dust spots on the sky for example.

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Weight Loss in Photoshop

Advanced,Video lesson 23 March 2010 Comments Off

This video lesson shows how to make your model slimmer on the photo using various Photoshop tools. You will learn Patch tool, Healing Brush, Clone stamp, Liquify filter and how they can be applied to change the shape of the model.

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Patch Tool

Easy,Video lesson 4 March 2010 Comments Off

This is a video tutorial on Photoshop Patch tool and how it can be used to remove unwanted bags under your model’s eyes or editing your nature photos (like removing unwanted clouds in the sky).

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Retouch and Healing Tools

Easy,Tutorial 18 February 2010 Comments Off

The Spot Healing Brush is manly used to quickly remove blemishes, imperfections or other unwanted elements from an image. Instead of automatically trying to determine the lighting, shading, and texture from the surrounding area, the healing brush tool lets you manually select a source, and then paint over an imperfection. With the Patch Tool, an […]

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